Group: Full-time

The Professional

You will be able to conduct topographic, geodetic, geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys, in addition to studies related to earth sciences. You will also be able to conduct work involving the prospection and surveying of mineral deposits, energy resources and water resources, perform technical analyses and legal studies related to your specialty areas, study environmental reports and focus on the teaching of geological sciences at basic and higher education level.

Professional Practice

Federal Law nº 407662 of 23/06/1962 rules on the exercise of the profession.


The student needs to register a total of 304 credits to graduate in this course, equivalent to 4,560 hours of supervised activity, in addition to dedicating 75 hours to distance activities, amounting to a total of 4,635 hours, which can be integralised in 10 semesters in accordance with the proposal offered by the unit for concluding the full curriculum, the maximum xx period being 16 semesters.


Recognised by Ministerial Order CEE/GP n° 450 of 14/11/2002 and renewed by Ministerial Order

Credit limit for six monthly enrollment

Maximum of 40 credits per Academic Period

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