Department of Geography - DGEO

The goal of the DGEO is the analysis, interpretation and explanation of the processes and phenomena of the present in its spatial dimension based on the articulation of scales (local, global, national territory) of the new fundamentals of the region, of the role of borders and technical networks at the current time, of the new nexuses of the constitution of the place, of the inseparability of elements comprising natural space and geographic space. The production targets of consistent geographic knowledge and the training of researchers, technicians and professors are met through surveys at graduation and post-graduation level and disciplines comprising the constitutional, relational and instrumental elements of Geography.


  • Secretary: Mônica Hallam Simões
  • Tel: +55 19 3521-4570
  • (dgeo[at]ige[dot]unicamp[dot]br) 

Department of Geology and Natural Resources - DGRN

The study goal of the DGRN is the use of natural resources and their geological, social, political, legal, economic and environmental conditioners. This involves the nature and origin of metallogenic provinces, hydrocarbon deposits, aquifers and the geological conditioners for urban occupation and engineering works, particularly with regard to Brazil, with a view to defining theories and parameters that contribute to the discovery and sustainable use of these resources. The DGRN strives for the training of human resources capable of contributing to the scientific and technological development of the Geosciences in an autonomous, critical and original manner, in accordance with the wellbeing and needs of society´s natural resources, the preservation of the environment and the social and economic development of the country.


  • Secretary: Luiz Eduardo Odoni
  • Tel: +55 19 3521-4696
  • (dgrn[at]ige[dot]unicamp[dot]br)

Department of Science and Technology Policy - DPCT

The DPCT focuses its research activities on the field of scientific and technological development and innovation, also offering undergraduate and post-graduate teaching (Master´s and Doctorate Degrees). The evolution of Science and Technology is a social process and, as such, subject to factors of a political, economic and cultural nature. Based on interdisciplinary treatment, the DPCT is dedicated to the analysis of the process involving the generation and dissemination of innovation, the assessment of its implications in developing countries, the definition of strategies and mechanisms geared to scientific and technological development, and to the understanding of the processes in relation to the transition to sustainability, as a means streamlining development towards a viable and more inclusive future.


  • Secretary: Adriana Garutti Teixeira
  • Tel: +55 19 3521-4555
  • (dpct[at]ige[dot]unicamp[dot]br)