The purpose of the Graduate Programme in Geosciences is to train human resources capable of contributing to the scientific, educational, historical, technological and economic development of the geological and mineral sector in Brazil, pursuant to the needs and welfare of the community, the preservation of the environment and social progress. The programme awards a Master´s in Geosciences and a PhD in Sciences in the area of concentration of Geology and Natural Resources.

The areas studied in Geology and Natural Resources are (1) the use of natural resources and their geological, social, political, legal, economic and environmental constraints; (2) the nature and origin of the metallogenetic provinces, oil deposits and other natural resources on the planet, with a view to establishing theories and parameters that contribute to the discovery and use of these resources. The specific characteristics of this broad topic are defined in accordance with five lines of research:

  • Analysis of Sedimentary Basins
  • Crustal and Metallogenetic Evolution
  • Environmental and Analytical Geochemistry
  • Geotechnologies Applied to the Study of Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources Policy and Management


  1. The promotion of basic and applied research with a focus on Geology and Natural Resources;
  2. The preparation of teachers and researchers to teach and research this topic at universities and research bodies;
  3. The training of professionals to find, assess, plan and manage natural resources with a view to optimising the use of the same.