Natural Resources Policy and Management

The aim of this line of research is to contribute to the study of activities related to the use and management of natural energy and water resources, and to urban and territorial management, from a geoscientific point of view. These activities are designed to prevent, control and mitigate harmful impacts for society and the environment, in addition to providing policies and actions for the different social players involved. With regard to sustainable development, we should strive to ensure the optimisation of the use of natural resources and the physical environment. This is based on the assumption that the policies and legislation in relation to natural resources and territorial occupation should guarantee the benefits arising from the use of the same are transferred to society. Furthermore, the irregular distribution of natural resources has taken on increasing importance in recent years, which demands the integration of regional, national and international policies. This also includes the disclosure of scientific knowledge to different audiences (the population in general and specific social groups, for example, town council technicians and professors), working on the interface between scientific knowledge and environmental education.